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                               Allure Signature Massage
(Combo Massage)
The Best Deal!
This is Allure’s unique combination services, half massage and half facial treatment. It leaves you with a rejuvenated skin and a refreshed mind and body. An outstanding value! $65

                                    Swedish Massage*
Swedish massage is a relaxing, full body massage which has shown to be helpful in reducing pain, and joint stiffness. It involves long strokes of muscles and tissues with gentle pressure.
                           Deep Tissue/Sports Massage*
Deep Tissue massage is similar to Swedish massage, but the deeper pressure is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension and alleviating pain. Using slower and deeper techniques to work on muscle groups to release tension using a stronger approach.

                                 Hot Stone Massage*
Hot stone massage is not only a relaxing massage method, but it also has many healing properties. The use of hot stones allows a therapist to give a deep, penetrating massage without putting excessive stress on the body. Additionally, the stones will heat the skin, open the pores, and prepare the skin to better absorb the massage oils. The use of massage stones is also a great way to increase circulation in and around the area being massaged. Increased blood flow will help clear out toxins and assist in healing an injured or strained area. This luxurious treatment will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.
Reflexology applies pressure massage to certain points of the foot in order to relieve specific symptoms elsewhere in the body. This practice is adopted by many therapeutic professionals.  When you’ve spent hours on end walking or on your feet, you will need a good rub to get that circulation going again.
                                  Prenatal Massage*
Prenatal massage focuses on the mother-to-be as she goes through the changes due to pregnancy. To improve overall health, a woman should receive a prenatal massage during pregnancy to support the physiological and emotional well-being of the mind, body & spirit. Prenatal massage is highly recommended for the expecting mom in her 2nd or 3rd trimester, a light to medium pressure massage that helps relieve lower back pain, reduce swelling and release sciatica discomfort. Please consult with your physician prior to scheduling an appointment.

                               Aromatherapy Massage
A deeply relaxing massage using a customized blend of natural essential oils with therapeutic massage techniques, to help alleviate tension and melt away stress. With a variety of essential oils and blends, aromatherapy can be tremendously beneficial to your overall health and well-being. Additional $10 per massage.

                                    Couples Massage
                                 (Romantic & Intimate)
Enjoy our couples suite for 2. We create a warm and romantic atmosphere for couples who want a blissful massage and share the experience together. Two experts will provide our world class massage to the couple in the same room at the same time.
60 minutes  $120

              *Massages available in 30 minutes increments:
$35 for 30 minutes     $65 for 60 minutes      $95 for 90 minutes

Gift Certificates available through Online Booking.
Xpress Cleansing Facial $50

Allure Spa Signature Facial $60

Allure Spa Hydration Facial $65

Detoxification Facial $65

Gentlemen's Cleansing Facial $45

Neck Waxing $12

Jaw Line Waxing $12

Ear Waxing $12

Nose Waxing $12

Lip Eaxing $12

Eyebrow Waxing $12

Chin Waxing $12

Brazilian Waxing $40

Half Leg Waxing $50

Full Leg Waxing $5

Toes Waxing $10

Back Waxing $45

Eyebrow Tint $15

Eyelash Tint $15

Combo Tint $25

Eyelash Bands $25

Eyelash flairs $75

Flairs Refill $25

Eyelash Extensions $100

*Tax and gratuity not included in prices*